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I'm a Spider So What?!? (Spoiler Alert)

I have recently been watching "I'm a Spider So What?!?" on Crunchy Roll.  "I'm a Spider So What?!?" and "The Time I Got Reincarnated into a Slime" are the two anime shows that are styled the way I want to write. They have humor and create a different world. I also like how they are heavy with meaning and not heavy at the same time. It is hard to have the right balance for that. "I'm a Spider So What?!?" is funny and I am currently loving the ending song. The only thing I don't like which I don't like in any tv show or movie is a back and forth between timelines. My head hurts trying to figure out...

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When I was Young

When I was a little girl I was always observing everything around me. I was afraid of people in general and never comfortable. When I looked around I saw girls dressed pretty & boys dressed cool. I tried wearing pretty girls clothes but they were always uncomfortable. Adults always said beauty = pain. When I would try the boys clothing it was uncomfortable because it would never fit. But I loved the materials. When I would take my younger brothers old graph tees I convinced myself that one day I would make t-shirts I want wear without someone knowing it was for a boy. Now I am able to do that.  I design for those of us who want to...

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Geeks and Heathens: Episode 7 - Makers and Movies

Geeks and Heathens: Episode 7 - Movies and MakersThis week we have Snow who is a Voice Over Artist, Graphic Designer, Story Enthusiast on who has been playing the violin for 21 years.This week we are talking about Anime and Manga: The Black Experience Things your parents did you hated that you appreciate now The Old Guard What you can't live without What are your top 3 classic RnB Artists and Why?  

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