TV Series I love: Star Trek Discovery

TV Series I love: Star Trek Discovery

If you couldn't tell by now, Star Trek Discovery is a TV Series I love, from the cast to the storyline and plot. I even love some of their costume design and all of their set design. There are some points I could do without, but overall, Star Trek Discovery is a series I love. I anticipate the 5th season, even if it is only ten episodes in this 1st quarter. No hard release date has been mentioned, and I will mark the date once I do.

There are specific criteria for me to say a TV Series is one that I love and consistently. I thought I loved Wynonna Earp in Season 1, and Season 2 thoroughly proved I was mistaken. However, through 4 seasons, I have loved Star Trek Discovery. It is due to the want to know what happens next, rooting for the characters, and the storyline making sense. Sometimes I will give up on a show if the storyline makes no sense at all, like KillJoys. Oh, I loved the cast, the background stories, and the concept, and I wanted to know what happened next; however, the way they took the storyline made no sense. I couldn't go through something so chaotic. Even when I'm not too fond of a part in Star Trek Discovery, I can always see why the story would go that way and not question it. That is the beauty of the story, and this is for someone who hates messing with time travel. However, they could tread that thin ice of killing a show perfectly.

The chemistry with the cast members and the level of detail in the characters draws me in and makes me invest in this world. The only character I felt they let down was Gray Trill, but it also made sense for the character development of Adira, so I let it pass. When a storyline makes sense, you can understand sad changes. I didn't and still don't care for Michael Burnham's constant martyr setting. She just always needs to be the one to die or do something perilous. You shouldn't be a captain if you can't delegate more. However, I understood because of the background setting and the future development to change that about her. However, that doesn't mean I have to like it.

I could go on and on about the love and not likes aspects of Star Trek Discovery. However, you should experience it yourself. I highly recommend you binge it before the new season comes out.
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