Hi Dive

Hi Dive

Many channels have been popping up, claiming to show us new anime and more tv shows. The exclusivity is the draw, where one channel has one show you want to watch while another has more. I tried Hi-Dive because they claim all the anime I could wish to be included. However, that is a false advertisement. They have fewer than 30 shows, and their shows could be better.

I still tried, but there needs to be a free option. You only have two options sign-up and pay $5.99, or you cannot browse. That was my 1st red flag, but let's give them a chance. It may be worth it. Spoiler: It isn't. I tried several shows I haven't seen anywhere else. They weren't to my liking, some after 1 episode and some after a few episodes. It ended up with me liking 1 show and not feeling it was worth it.

The collection of shows didn't even have some classics to make it seem like I am paying to play those as well. The indicator of new episodes kept giving the wrong time and day on the app. You couldn't just click the series on the app to start where you left off. You have to double-click down and then scroll down to the episode you left off.

The lack of classic shows to keep me, the not-so-good collection of shows, the no-free account option, and the half-decent app made me cancel my account. Without looking back, I am just waiting on new seasons of simulcast with Crunchyroll. They are the only ones consistent out here. With shows, I can and want to re-watch.

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