Series/Movies Rating System

Series/Movies Rating System

After giving my all in writing blogs for WIM, I discovered I needed a consistent rating system for the Series and Movies I review. So it is easier for everyone to see my overall score for the show or movie.

When I usually watch a trailer for movies, I go thinking if I want the whole theater experience, if I would feel better watching at home, or if I want to pay for it all. When I saw the trailer for 'Black Panther 2', I knew I was going to the theater when it came out. That is a movie you don't start with at home you need other people's reactions and the full surround sound of the theater to enjoy it thoroughly. When I saw the 'Father of the Bride' trailer, I knew I was waiting for one of my streaming services to pick it up. So for movies coming out, I will have a rating of Theater, Home Pay, or Stream Free.

For movies and series I have already watched, I think more about if I would want to re-watch them repeatedly. So it is about having them in my collection for myself and the next generation of my family. After watching 'The Pirates (2014), I knew I wanted to keep re-watching it, and it was a classic to show my kids what I liked when I was younger. After watching 'Upload,' I knew it was a one-time watch and wasn't interested in watching it again. So for already watched shows and movies, I will have a rating of Collection or One-Time.

When I watch the Series trailers, I wonder if I want to try the 1st episode or not even try. So it is easier for that rating to be: 1st episode or Ignore.

This system will help everyone with my upcoming reviews.

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