I Tried: Wednesday

I Tried: Wednesday

I Tried Wednesday on Netflix. Let me tell you it wasn't what I expected but I liked it. There were only three aspects of it that I didn't care for.

The 1st was the premise of the Addams. The original premise is that they love everything gory from torture to murder. However, in this show it was a shock that Gomez Addams was accused of murder and needed to prove it wasn't him. Instead of praise, it was fear and the feeling of not knowing a person was the 1st thought from Wednesday. If all their lives they discuss and do morbid things  this reaction doesn't make sense. It seemed like they were saying they are all talk but Wednesday did put piranhas in the pool. I thought that part was a little off and didn't like it. Like stick to one decision of what the family premise is.

The 2nd thing I didn't like was the love interest situation. If the guy was supposed to be this newly formed psychopath what was his reason for dating Wednesday. That part was not explained. We couldn't get if he was doing it to not be suspected, to play a game, or what. It didn't make sense in the story. It also did not make sense for Xavier to keep being interested in Wednesday. I mean after the blatant refusal, to the suspecting of being a serial killer, to torture, and still like her. Even though she gave no reason, I mean love at first sight can only go so far man. 

The 3rd thing was the holier than though so called friends. We all ride or die until torture is called into question. I mean vampires, sirens, and werewolves judging her for torturing, that is so lame. And then everyone denying their dark side instead of embracing it like Wednesday. I thought they could have further developed the characters.

Everything else I loved. I liked the wardrobe for the show, the fact she didn't need to be saved by a guy, and so much more. I would say I would buy this for my collection if I could. I think this would be a great show to show my kids or nieces and nephews as they are growing up.

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