So Sad it had to End: Derry Girls

So Sad it had to End: Derry Girls

After 3 series/seasons it has come to an end. I am so sad to see this awesomely funny show end. However, I will say the ending has class to it. Shows real class. 

From having to suddenly having to grow up after the loss of an elder to coming to terms to growing up making big life decisions for the future of everyone around them. This last season was amazing. 

From beginning to end Derry Girls was hilarious with a heaping of learn something new. I learned about a time and place I knew nothing about. An accent I love to listen to. How parents everywhere have that look we all know as kids you should probably shut up now or run. I learned someone's reality can sound crazy and make absolutely total sense to them. It is always about perspective. Most importantly I learned I am not the worst person to talk to. At least I will stop when it gets awkward. Uncle Colin won't stop and can't stop.

I could go on and on about how much I love this show. How excited I was about the 3rd series/season and How sad I was about it being the last. All things must come to an end and this felt like the perfect ending. Nothing felt rushed or left out. Just the abruptly of life. So sad it had to end.

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