Series I love: Mercy Thompson

Series I love: Mercy Thompson

The Mercy Thompson is one of my favorite book series. It all started with a stroll through Barnes and Nobles. I was trying to find the Manga section to start my collectors shelf of Manga I have read online in physical form.

In the past it was super hard to find translated mangas in physical form. I heard Barnes and Nobles was starting a section and got excited. Hopped on Marta, walked forever, and found two shelves on one bookcase. sigh.... I digress. The rest of the books were the Adult Fantasy books. I was so tired and frustrated I said I was not leaving without any books so I picked up one and started to read.

It ended up being Moon Called. I ended up reading half the book before I realized it. I scoured the section to find the other books in the series. I was only able to get Books 1-3 and had to buy the rest online. I have been hooked sense and wait every year to see when Patricia Briggs updates on her site if there will be a new book this year or next year.

To me this series is about a mechanic with powers who fights to survive everyday between humans, fae, vampires, witches, werewolfs, and more. Mercy is badass while vulnerable to me. She can fight by herself and mostly wants to. However, she knows all power is not from leading the charge. At the end of the day she is trying to make it to tomorrow without having to be in a wheelchair. lol

Patricia Briggs has many series but the Mercy Thompson series is my favorite. Check out her book selection here: Patricia Briggs

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