Orca: Emperor Philippa Georgiou

Orca: Emperor Philippa Georgiou

The Animal Kingdom: Orca design is embodying the brutal strength and elegance of the animal and of women leaders. Emperor Philippa Georgiou is a prime example of brutal strength and elegance. No one can deny her strength and ability to kill.

For those who don't know Emperor Philippa Georgiou is a character from Star Trek: Discovery. She was a Terran Emperor in a mirror universe that was taken to the 'Prime Universe'. 

She is a controversial character because she was tyrant who executed many genocides and persecution of any culture and race that was not her own. She made sure her own people were safe and feared through her brutality. That was the way she knew to lead her people.

History can show how reigns don't last and especially in her case when the people she thought she held close wanted to kill her for reign. She was an emperor to her people and she reigned with brutal strength and elegance. 

Emperor Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius is an Orca.

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