Monique De La Verite Now on Webnovel

Monique De La Verite Now on Webnovel

Monique De La Verite is the pen name that will be used for all books written for the WIM brand. In french Monique can mean Advisor and De La Verite translates to of the truth. So the meaning of the pen name is Advisor of the truth. 

I can advise you of the truth that doesn't mean it is your truth or that you have to take my advise on it. In that vain I can lead you to my stories but doesn't mean you will resonate with them.

I am leading you to my first novel every and being put on Webnovel. I am nervous, excited, and dreading it all at the same time. May you find the truth I am trying to show a little pleasing.

My 1st story is Fusion Survival. Fusion Survival is a story about a woman in a gamified world. There is death, monsters, magic, science, and more. What happens when the world is all about survival? Will you focus on stats? Will you focus on people? Survival is the end goal but what means will you use? You can check out Fusion Survival now on Webnovel.  

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