Lioness: Nan Hua

Lioness: Nan Hua

The Animal Kingdom: Lioness conveys silent strength and authority. Nan Hua is a perfect example silent strength and authority. Her ability to lead behind the scenes and authority can not be questioned.

For those who don't know Nan Hua is a character in an ongoing webnovel called Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower. Nan Hua is an assassin that gets transmigrated into a a novel as a young girl. 

So far we have seen her risen from breaking her body to train better than her brother to her being one of the best assassins. All of this and she is still only 13-14 in the book. It is amazing how not only her skills have improved but how she was able to take a small assassin organization and make every country in the vicinity know their name. She was able to lead them while the masses are thinking she is a timid, fragile girl that can't do anything without her family. 

Her strength does not need to be shown and yet her authority in any moment is never questioned. When she sees through a plan, confronts her father, ignore her half siblings, or sending orders to her subordinates.  I know we aren't at the end of the story yet, but so far she has not disappointed.

Nan Hua is the perfect example of a lioness.


Read: Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower on Webnovel. 

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