Elephant: Balsa

Elephant: Balsa

The WIM Animal Kingdom: Elephant's Design is intended to convey a strong presence of solid strength with a delicate touch. Balsa is the epitome of strength with a delicate touch. Her physical strength and ability to care for children is indisputable. 

For those who don't know Balsa is from Seirei no Moribito aka Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit anime. This series started as novel, then a manga, and then an anime. I have only watched the anime so many times. Balsa is one of the main characters of the anime.

Balsa first appears to us as a mysterious spear wielding body guard for hire. However, no one can deny that her strength was no mystery at all. She leads Chagum on the fight for his life and how to live with strength in the future all while protecting him. She appears to be harsh, cold, and serious all the time.

However, for those who pay attention we notice the delicate emotions Balsa has for things in her past, future, and Chagum. We also get to see more of the delicate side has the show progresses surprising many people.

Balsa is a character that surprises many with her clear strength and delicate touch. She incapacitates her enemies while protecting and leading a child all the while trying not kill anyone.

Balsa is a perfect example of an Elephant.

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