All time Fav: The Pirates Movie 2014

All time Fav: The Pirates Movie 2014

Oh, how I can count the ways that I love re-watching The Pirates movie. From the start you are in suspense and then laughing so much.

As we all say the 1st is better than the sequel. However, The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure is a good re-watch as well. Both movies tried to pack in so much information and backstory that the present time seems rushed. It is worse in the sequel though and a lot less romance equals a good but not excellent movie.

The Pirates main leads had awesome chemistry that made us feel like the male lead could really fall in love at 1st sight with the main character. However, in the 2nd the chemistry was there but the story line made it feel wishy washy and somewhat forced. The suspense of what could happen next is amazing and how the overall plot plays out makes it a wonderful re-watch.

The Pirates was on my list of to gets for awhile but I was finally able to buy the Blu-Ray. Yah! It is definitely an All time Fav and perfect for my collection.

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