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Geeks and Heathens: Episode 7 - Makers and Movies

Geeks and Heathens: Episode 7 - Movies and MakersThis week we have Snow who is a Voice Over Artist, Graphic Designer, Story Enthusiast on who has been playing the violin for 21 years.This week we are talking about Anime and Manga: The Black Experience Things your parents did you hated that you appreciate now The Old Guard What you can't live without What are your top 3 classic RnB Artists and Why?  

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Geeks and Heathens Podcast: Episode 6 - Evolution or Revolution

So my mom and I have started a Podcast titled "Geeks and Heathens" where we talk about pop culture, art, music, and any random thing that we find interesting during the week.  On this week's episode 6 we have our first in studio guest, Charity "Cake" Hamidullah who is a tattoo artist, muralist and artist but really just an all around badass.  On this week's episode we are talking about the following random topics, lol. The Black Artist Community If You Could Start Your Own Country Matrix Resurrection Trailer Made In America 2021 Aaliyah on DSP's What are your top 3 RnB Classic Albums? You can subscribe on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music or wherever Podcasts are played.  Let us...

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