Misunderstood and Misinterpreted

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Misunderstood and Misinterpreted are the first clothing lines for WIM.


Misunderstood includes designs that are based on things within one’s life that can be misunderstood. Like my childhood, sayings I have said or heard, my opinion in an argument, feelings for something, and more. People can take those things one way or another but my intention can be something else. Like when I say Pie is Evil, the first thing people is say “Oh, because you get fat.” No because everyone buys it instead of cake for parties and I love cake. They misunderstood my meaning and made assumptions.


Misinterpreted includes designs that are based on things within subjects, history, and more that can be misinterpreted. It is a different way of making assumptions and misunderstanding. It is more of a general assumption on subjects, such as Medusa. When one thinks of Medusa they tend to think about the Greek or Roman myths that she is a gorgon. However, there are more myths out there that tell a different story. There is not one story that is consistent with each other it is about the interpretation of the story you believe. But what if all these stories are wrong and we are just misinterpreting Medusa.

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