Childhood #1

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Childhood #1 is designed based on the “As Told by Ginger” show and theme song. Throughout my childhood “As Told by Ginger” was one of the shows that made an impact on me. It made it okay to be weird, quiet, and just myself. It made it feel like whoever Ginger was, was my friend. However, it was not only the show that made an impact on me. The show’s theme song was my solace during every lonely time I experienced as a kid.

It told me

“That no matter what the other kids say from there side they probably think the grass is greener over here too but it isn’t. Just focus on your own grass and make greener for yourself.”

That’s what I got from it.

The actual song starts with “Someone once told me the grass is much greener on the other side…”; then end with “From where I am standing my grass is green.”

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